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A student of the Plein Air School of California in Laguna Beach, Judy concentrates her artistic efforts in the field on landscapes and seascapes. She also enjoys creating Still Life art in her studio.

Judy's art has been displayed in California and Washington and Oregon in galleries and shops. Her mentors have commented on her use of brilliant color and on her composition. You may have noticed Judy's painting "Along the Oregon Trail" as the poster art for the 2014 Honey Festival in Ashland, Oregon.

Judy has travelled extensively in the Americas, Europe and Africa and painted the scenery that has inspired her from the beauty she has seen. Photography is an important tool in her art. The pictures she takes in her travels help Judy to complete some of the creations which she had begun in the field. Her paintings often begin with a rough sketch on the canvas, complemented by the paints she mixes as her vision guides her. Her lust for adventure keeps her ideas fresh.

"In my paintings I want viewers to see what I see - the beauty of an image with shadows and light. The rewards of painting are immeasurable because when I love what I am doing dramatic things happen. Painting changes the way I look at the world."